Natural Skincare Products

Balthazar brings you high performance, natural skincare products using pure ingredients backed by science.Our formulations are based on ancient Persian skincare remedies that have been passed down through generations.

With these as our base, we add the latest scientific discoveries to create high performance skincare that is kind to the user and the planet. All of our products contain Argan oil, one of the most precious and exclusive carrier oils in the world.

Our products are for everyday skincare and also for specific skincare problems such as dry skin, eczema, psorasis, stretch mark remedies, scar & blemish reduction, cellulite reduction and remedies for wrinkles.

What our customers say

I am writing to say 'Thank You' to Balthazar for these amazing products! Although I have a huge collection of essential oils and have attended many Aromatherapy courses in order to improve my knowledge and learn the art of blending, I remain a novice so my answer was Balthazar. They make incredible bespoke oils and within a week or two my skin felt GREAT. Also Balthazar brought me closer to Tima who is a dedicated person wanting to improve the skin and health of her clients. I love the products!!!

Dr Sarka Wusura

My skin had different pigmentation colours and as my marriage was coming close I did not know how to face my fiancé as I felt the embarrassment of my body colour and shape. Balthazar was my answer. I have bought all the products and within 6 weeks I saw a big improvement in my body shape due to the cellulite oil, and colour and tone from the different skin lightening oils they provided.

Nitinya Vikramseghe

I suffer from hypothyroidism; Balthazar has been a boost for my health. I am using the Anti-Cellulite oil for my body and Lavender for my face and I love it. It has given me a fresh outlook, I am now looking better and it has encouraged me to look after my health.

Mona Abdullah

I don’t know where to start. I have undergone liposuction due to excess fat and I was left with scarring from the surgery. My self-esteem was low and I have spent a lot of money trying to find products which could help. Thanks to Balthazar oils my skin is now much better and the ugly scarring has improved so much.

Nura Abou Al Haja

I love the quality, purity and aromas that linger on the body; it is often hard to find the right ingredients to suit my skin type. I like the fact that Balthazar products are manufactured freshly with quality ingredients.

Nina Hababyeb

Being French we are so fussy but it has been great to have found a freshly made aromatherapy product, it is great to have found such well balanced and effective oils.

Elisabeth Branaa

We lived for 10 years in Tokyo and my wife and I are so happy to have found Balthazar. We are regular clients of the fantastic treatments we receive with Balthazar oils. I suffer from very dry feet which are now much better after using their oil. My headache and the scalp psorasis has vanished.

Bill Maser

I have always suffered from dry face skin. After using Revitalising face oil I love the effect on my face, also I don’t have to put on any layers of foundation. In fact in order to make sure that I don’t fall short of the oils I buy 2-3 bottles at a time. Fantastic oils.

Diane Birch

I love all the skincare products of Balthazar , they suit my skin perfectly.

Magida Karm

I have been using Balthazar products for the last 10 years. Tima of Balthazar did personal blending for my skin and it has never felt better and now I am the agent for Balthazar products in both Lebanon and Qatar. My skin feels and looks like a 29 year old at the age of 50. I love my face for its freshness and radiance. Despite the stress of life my skin feels wonderful thanks to the ‘Youth Factor’ of the anti-ageing oils.

Anna Harfouch

I had a birthmark on my right hand which consisted of a dark pigmentation. After 6 months of using Lavender body oil it has disappeared. I love this skin lightening oil.

Amy Burnley

It’s been like a magic wand, I never liked my feet but now I am so happy with the change using oils from Balthazar that were used whilst doing Reflexology twice weekly.

The face oil is gorgeous, I swim 250 laps every day and my face was very dry from the chlorine in water. Using the Rose and Geranium Revitalising Face Oil my skin feels great, fresh and it has a natural glow. It takes so little to feel good. What is nice is that I don’t need to carry so many different bottles when travelling.

My husband loves the Lavender face oil as it has relieved his tension. After a hard day’s work, he pampers himself with Lavender oil before going to bed and in few seconds he is in a deep sleep. Also the hair oil has helped to cure his scalp psoriasis. We are lucky to have come across Balthazar oils.

Frances Maser

My daughter tried in vain all the available creams to treat her eczema at the back of her neck. After a month using Balthazar’s green tea milk there has been no sign of any type of eczema again.

Shahida Khan

After a stressful job I love to visit the Balthazar spa and feel and smell the fragrance of the Balthazar oils that lingers after the treatment. I am always guaranteed of a good night sleep especially when I use the Lavender face oil. My skin feels relaxed and refreshed when I wake up in the morning. Thanks for knowing Balthazar. You and your team have done a good job. Keep it up. Wish you all the success.

Joe Rabeih

The cellulite treatment has been superb and the feel of the cellulite oil is amazing. By the 8th session I saw a difference in my body shape. The masseur and Tima helped me not only to solve my cellulite problem but the hidden problem of water retention. Although I am a very energetic person and perform yoga on regular basis I have never felt better with myself. I lost inches using cellulite oil with massage. The anti-ageing face oil has definitely made a visible difference to my face skin, I could never find a French product over the counter has made my face skin feel so supple and soft. Thank you Balthazar and your product range which is great and effective.

Nicole Pompier

I have no words to thank Balthazar and Tima for the wonderful job they have done for both my body and face. I only use the formulated Balthazar oils. My face and body feels soft, supple and radiant. I feel confident and beautiful. My husband too is addicted to Balthazar oils as we both care for our bodies.

Graziella Nimar