Tima Hamadeh

Having graduated as a pharmacist, I worked in a hospital pharmacy where I found helping people very rewarding. I became interested in the field of cosmetology and this led me to Paris and Christian Dior. Here I became passionate about skin care and the possibilities of helping clients to look and feel beautiful. So i furthered my knowledge in aromatherapy, blending of cosmetic products, facial reflexology, and beauty therapy.

I was ready to embark upon my new career in skin care. My first patient was a lady in Saudi Arabia who suffered from severe head psoriasis, finding the right product there was difficult so I had to formulate and blend my own products to overcome specific skincare problems and hair loss. Demand for my service grew to the extent that I opened a medical spa, clients were consistently asking me to develop specific products for their problems. This led to the launching of Balthazar in UK.

I opened an outlet in the Lake District with a friend and Biologist, Robin Sowerby. We produced bespoke skincare products for spas and retail outlets. Every skin has different needs; and I have developed a passion for treating anti-ageing, psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. The skincare industry is fast moving with constant advances so continuing education is necessary. I never get bored.

Natural Skincare Products

Balthazar brings you high performance, natural skincare products using pure ingredients backed by science.

Our formulations are based on ancient Persian skincare remedies that have been passed down through generations. With these as our base, we add the latest scientific discoveries to create high performance skincare that is kind to the user and the planet. All of our products contain Argan oil, one of the most precious and exclusive carrier oils in the world.

Our products are for everyday skincare and also for specific skincare problems such as dry skin, eczema, psorasis, stretch mark remedies, scar & blemish reduction, cellulite reduction and remedies for wrinkles.