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Balthazar was created by two scientists, a pharmacist and biologist, on their journey through the Arabian desert. The name ‘Balthazar’ hails from an ancient legend of three wise men, one of whom was Balthazar- translates to Protector of the Kings. 

Our philosophy:  Pure, safe and beneficial skincare oils. Our skin deserves to be protected. Benefitted by the riches the nature has to offer. Our products are fully natural, resourced and prepared by us.  

Cruelty Free: Paraben & Gluten Free, Green Planet Products

Who are we?

              Tima Hamadeh

I am a quality control pharmacist, the journey to develop my skincare line was first inspired in Paris, the city of fashion, beauty and fragrances. As a pharmacist, I always  was leaning towards natural solutions since I suffered from contact dermatitis for a long time and no medicinal creams ever helped.  Also, not many skincare products was available over the counter, except pharmaceutical creams. Gradually I started to perfect formulae for pigmentation, scalp psoriasis and children's skin problems and dispensing became my passion. 

                Robin Darrell 


As a biologist, naturalist, teacher and an author of 'THE HAPPENSTANCE'. I have been fortunate  enough to travel the world,  experiencing different cultures and exploring many diverse environments. 

Many years ago in Peru I first came across locals using essential oils as a form of medicine. Later, whilst in Cyprus I observed villagers extracting essential oils from Eucalyptus leaves. These experiences inspired me to look further into essential oils, their properties and how they can be used to help us. I formed Balthazar UK in 2012 with Tima Hamadeh, a pharmacist who is very experienced in this field.

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