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Vitamin E– this is an anti-oxidant vitamin which has a powerful effect against the damaging disease causing free radicals. Exceptionally high levels occur in Argan Oil. It also protects vitamin A and essential fatty acid levels and prevents evaporation of moisture from skin epidermis.


Sterols-a group of compounds which protect collagen and maintain the structural integrity of the cell membrane. They also reduce inflammation and help retain moisture. Squaline, one of the sterols is known to keep the skin soft and protect against skin cancer.

Polyphenols-are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-oxidant. One particular polyphenol present known as Ferulic Acid is an anti-oxidant which increases its potency after exposure to UV radiation.

Carotenoids-protect the skin from UV radiation and free radicals.

The combination of the different compounds with Argan Oil gives it the following properties.

Skin hydration– water is retained in the skin and the regulation of sebum waterproofs it and prevents from skin drying out.

Protects against wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring-Collagen and Elastin are maintained within the skin and in combination with cell integrity and maximum hydration, stretch marks, wrinkles and scars are prevented or reduced.

Soothing inflammation-Inflammatory responses can be caused by injuries, infection and allergic reactions. Free radicals are involved in the response and the antioxidant properties of Argan will combat them. Other compounds in the oil will soothe and heal in the relief for eczema and psoriasis.


Protection against the damaging effects of the sun-the combination of compounds reduces tissue damage caused by UV radiation and the antioxidant potency actually increases when exposed to UV radiation.

Hair benefits-the essential fatty acids improve hair strength and health and other components repair cell damage and improve moisture retention within the scalp.

Antiseptic properties-Many components within Argan have anti-microbial properties

 Argan oil is rapidly absorbed as its chemical composition is similar in structure to many naturally occurring compounds in the skin. Therefore it does not leave a greasy feeling and will not clog pores.

The antioxidants in Argan oil prevent its own oxidation and will retain its integrity for 24 months or more if kept away from light- thus the shelf life of the product is maintained for longer time. 

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