This oil has many beneficial properties. The carrier oil is Argan helps to moisturise the skin, protect against the damaging effects of free radicals, reduce blemishes and give a softer skin. The essential oils of  Cypress, Peppermint, Cedar and Juniper berry regulate blood flow, soften the walls of hardened arteries, minimise varicose veins and promote lymphatic drainage. Cedar essential oil regulates sebum production, balancing both dry and oily skin and Peppermint essential oil promotes circulation and firming.


Why buy this oil?
This oil has excellent ciculation, firming and lymphatic properties suitable for all age gfroup and genders. Men could use as aftershave oil.  

How to use the oil
Best used after shower, apply around the breast, armpit, groin, face and neck. It is the best bio oil for dilution with other powerful essential oils like Deep Blue or On Guard.from doTerra.

Body Moisturiser & Firming Oil 50ml (Cellulite)

SKU: 0004
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